Open House

Learn more about Barangay and how you can become a member


Come visit us at our open house to find out how to join Barangay.

Barangay Vision

To be recongnized nationally and internationally as a youth-oriented cultural organization committed to providing its members oppotunities for growth and learning in an environment that engenders in their young members the love for family, love for community, love of performing, and love of Filipino culture.

How we achived our goals

Barangay's Core Values

  • FFairness - We believe in the wisdom of providing equal opportunites to every member.
  • AAccountability and Responsibility - We believe each member is accountable for his/her actions and is responsible for contributing to the success of the organization.
  • MMutual Respect - We believe that eaach member has a gift to bring to the organization and we value and respect each member, from the youngest to the oldest member of the organization.
  • IIntegrity - We believe that to ear respect and trust of others, we have to act in an open and honest manner.
  • LLifelong Learning - We believe education is a lifelong endeavor and we foster an environment that encourages continuous education.
  • IIndividual & Comunal Growth - We believe that with cooperation and teamwork we can realize the full potential of each individual member and foster communal growth.
  • EExcellence - We believe in doing the utmost best in everything we do.
  • SStriving for Success - We believe that hard work, discipline and commitment will enable us to achieve our goals.


  • We have been recognized as a premier performing group internationally
    • City of Edmonton Salute to Excellence Performance Award
    • Recognized by the Cities of San Francisco, U.S.A., by Disneyland, Anaheim, U.S.A.; and by Betis, Pampanga, Philippines
    • Recognized by the Alberta Government and Philippine Consulate for its contributions to the arts and the community in Edmonton
  • We have won dance championships
    • Dance Power Competitions
    • 5678 Showtime Competitions
    • Dance World Cup - Italy and Austria
  • We have performed for many commuity causes
    • Hospitals
    • Extended care facilities
    • Schools
    • Community events and festivals

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone who is at least 6 years old can join Barangay - note that parental consent is needed for prospective members below 18 years of age.
  • No dance experience is necessary
  • No Filipino heritage is necessary as long as the prospective member is willing to learn Filipino culture and dances.
  • Probationary period is 3 months.


Prospective performer-members are expected to:

  • Come to practice and/or performances on time
  • Be attentive to and respectful of teachers and parents
  • Be courteous of other members
  • Dress appropriately
  • If old enough to have email, check email communications for announcements and updates. Regular updates come out every Wednesday.

Prospective parent-members are expected to:

  • Bring their children to practice and/or performances on time
  • Fulfill the volunteer work obligations required of all parent-members
  • Check their email for regular announcements and updates. Regular updates come out on Wednesdays.
  • After probationary period, pay the membership fees for the year ($100 per performer) as well as the costume deposit of $50. Operating expenses will come from fundraising proceeds.
  • If old enough to have email, check email communications for announcements and updates. Regular updates come out every Wednesday.

Performance Program

These are the type of performances we learn and participate in:

  • Philippine Folk Dances (required)
  • Hip Hop through B-Trix, Barangay's Hip Hop Group (optional)
  • Workshops in Creative Momement, Dance Techniques and Performance Enhancing Techniques (required)

How to Join

If you are interested in becoming a member, here is what you need to do:

  • Fill out an application form and submit to our Membership Chair or email to
  • It is important that you provide your email address. Email is our primary means of communication.
  • Get to know other Barangay performers.
  • Get to know your parent-volunteers who run the organization.