Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society

Our culture through music, costume and dance.

Music that will Captivate and Inspire.

The music used in our performances are authentic pieces taken from the rich musical heritage of the Philippines. From the harmonic chimes of the Kulingtang to the sentimental unison of the Banduria ensemble, music plays a major role in the foundation of our performances.

Costumes with Color and Detail that will tell a story.

With each story, the characters must dress the part. Our beautifully hand crafted costumes are designed with intricate detail to make sure our performers stand proud on the stage.

Dance that will Free your Imagination.

The movements of each dance tell the story. Our choreographed pieces stretch the imagination with precise steps, fun and playful movements, and audience pleasing entertainment.

About Us

Established in 1984, The Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society is a performing arts company specializing in creating performance pieces that are based on Philippine cultural music and dance. We are based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more information about our organization, to learn how to become a member, or to submit a performance request, feel free to contact us.